Dear Lovely Reader,

The above is an excerpt from my favorite songs, probably because pondering an invisible vibrational frequency is just the kind of concept that inhabits the hazy space on the horizon where the ocean meets the land.

I’ve also had my share of being more than just a little misunderstood. Yet, I’d like to hope some of you may feel a glimmer of inspiration reading what I write. I muse about what the heck vibrational frequency even is, what we can do to influence it, and why we even want to try. I’m learning right along with you.

I started pondering frequency and vibration in 2014.  There wasn't much online, and guidance around how to raise your vibration was pretty basic. "Drink water, be grateful, hug someone." I wanted higher level strategies for how to increase vibrational frequency, so I started experimenting. 

Now all the awkwardness and fails I've gone through (some ideas seriously did not work) have led me to a place where I hope others can benefit from my experiments.

Some of my ideas may be spot on, and some may be laughable 37 years from now.

Thus, I invite you to use my words as a jumping off point to ponder vibrational frequency for yourself. I don’t pretend to know all the answers. I write because if no one thinks out loud and risks being wrong, how do we start the discussion?

Agree or disagree with me, grab a cup of tea, and let’s explore the mystery of how to raise your vibration together.

I hope to ignite in readers the idea that you may have a vibrational frequency, and if so, you can decide what you want to do about it. Try a few articles or join me for a session together. See if you feel frequency and vibration are worth learning about or not. Meet you on the other side!

With much gratitude,


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Empty space is vibrating fields; you are a mass of vibrating atoms. Does how you vibrate matter? Exploring how vibrational frequency influences the reality you experience.


As a kid I was the first one out in dodgeball. I heart chanting with monks in SE Asia. My favorite item of clothing is a 1970s vintage leather jacket from London. Enough about me? Let's talk about why frequency matters and how to influence it.