Consulting: How to Raise Your Vibration

Ever wanted to explore elevating your vibrational frequency to strategically align with different life experiences? I'd love to meet you. Come say hi!

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Life Transitions

Sometimes life gets messy and you want someone walking beside you through the transition. Maybe you’re processing grief, moving to a new city alone, or want to tell a spouse you cheated. This is a judgment free space and no emotions are too big. I’m here to support you even if what’s going on is 100% your fault. Everyone deserves empathy. We’ll align your vibration with what you want to create in the next stage of life, and keep your vibration as high as possible during your transition- so it can go as smoothly as possible. Your appointments will have scheduling priority as emotions can be unexpected during transitions, and I will only take two clients for this package at a time.

If possible, time together before your transition is ideal so we can raise your vibration and prepare your nervous system beforehand. You get 20 hours to use as you like in a six month period.

$2800/20 hours

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Elevate Your Business

A combination of my two great loves, startup consulting and vibrational frequency. The most intriguing tax write-off you’ll have all year.  In the same way we have a vibrational frequency, businesses we create have frequencies that impact success.  Businesses are essentially inner characteristics of the owner(s) projected outward in to form; it’s nearly impossible to create a business with a higher frequency than the creator holds. Elevate yourself, elevate your business.

We’ll strategically amplify the owner’s vibrational frequency and analyze the frequency of business components for ways to elevate the enterprise. If you have the guts to go for it, I want to help you nail it. Due to complexity, these sessions are best done in a series.

$300/90 Minutes | $220/60 Minutes

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Creating High Vibration Relationships

Different partners shift in and out of alignment with you based on the vibration created by your inner landscape. The more we work out the subconscious elements of us that attract partners to help us heal, the more we can consciously choose characteristics that make for a high vibration match. These sessions are about cultivating your vibration to be sure it’s aligning with what you want, and finding blind spots that may be sabotaging your matches.

Before booking, be sure you have some capacity for personal growth to work on what we come up with for you. These sessions are well suited for those who are curious, open to shadow work, and welcome candid feedback. Great as a one-off experience or a series.

$220/90 Minutes | $160/60 Minutes

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How to Raise Your Vibration

For those who want to add some zest to a robust personal growth practice.  You’ll pick from one area of the How to Raise Your Vibration series (soul, mental programming, inner world, physical body) and we’ll use it as a doorway to jump in and get your vibration humming. When you aren’t quite getting what you want in life sometimes it’s because you’re still learning how to match your vibration to the vibration of what you want. When you shift your vibrational frequency you shift the experiences and people that align with you. Enhance your vibration, enhance your life.

These sessions are exceptionally well aligned for people with deep self awareness, who are mature in their own personal growth practice, and ready to do serious inner work. Consider me the best friend coming over to help clean out your vibratory closet.

$220/90 Minutes | $160/60 Minutes

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How to Choose High Vibration Timelines

We all have moments where we freeze when faced with multiple choices, and can’t decide what to do. This session is for times when you hit the Y in the road and don’t know which way to turn.  We’ll connect you with your inner wisdom and help you feel out your highest vibration path.  This can often be a fun session, and we’ll honor feelings arising when the choices may carry heavy consequences.

These sessions works best for people who enjoy self reflection, and aren’t nervous stirring up a variety of emotions. Many times decisions can be made after 1-2 sessions, however weightier choices may need a few sessions to flush out.

$220/90 Minutes | $160/60 Minutes

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Decoding Anxiety

I’ve struggled deeply with anxiety in my life and empathize with anyone doing the same. The wisdom anxiety can offer is often lost under the crush of poor delivery; sometimes you need a decoder. Anxiety is offering you messages about how to align yourself in life, become more authentic, and raise your vibration. Yet, when you’re stressed it’s hard to find the value. Let’s dig in together and see what we discover- so your body doesn’t need to keep using anxiety as a way to communicate.

Anxiety is often a longstanding condition with sticky roots, so these sessions are best done as a series. Finding solutions and cultivating new neural pathways takes time. Best for those who enjoy self reflection, digging in to themselves at a deep level, and can embrace uncomfortable emotions and memories. All ages welcome.

$220/90 Minutes | $160/60 Minutes

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