Explore Elevating Your Life Through Frequency

Reality conforms to the vibrational frequency of our inner world. Neglecting this point, and only working hard to get what we want, often leads to exhaustion and burnout.

When we’re not experiencing what we want in life sometimes it’s because we’re still learning to cultivate a vibration resonant with what we want.

We are often working hard to make up for a poorly programmed frequency.

If we neglect spending time to make ourselves a vibratory match for what we want it leaves us jumping for experiences above our frequency bandwidth.

These sessions help you identify how to program your vibrational frequency to align with the life you want to create.

If you’re just starting to explore vibrational frequency I’m happy to answer questions, and help you identify a personal strategy for how to use it to enhance your life.

If you discover something on your call you’d like personalized help with I offer longer sessions where we can work on it together.

I can’t wait to meet you fellow intrepid souls.

"The only Zen you'll find at the top of the mountain is the one you bring with you."  ~Sebastian Bruno

Two SE Asian monks with red umbrellas and peaceful high vibrations

Personal Sessions

If you have some areas of your life you’d like to level up we can explore what a vibratory path to that elevated life looks like. Combining vibrational resonance with classic dedication and effort to achieve goals is a pretty dope combination.

Some popular topics are creating high vibration relationships, enhancing intuition & synchronicity, tackling anxiety, how vibration can help with anti-aging, shifting your relationship with money, aligning with your soul, or choosing high vibration timelines when you’re feeling stuck.

While I might seem like I’m giving you answers, these sessions are about helping you remember what you already know. I encourage you to ditch the screen and go for a walk during our sessions like you’re chatting with a friend.

$120/45 Minutes (audio only)

$150/60 Minutes (audio or video option)

Business Sessions

I spent nearly a decade at a company the New York Times called, “Where overachievers go to feel bad about themselves” and then added on some more years consulting startups. I am so grateful for my time in the corporate realm. Wicked smart people, personal development, a pace that’s never boring… there are countless benefits. Yet, the strain to consistently perform at peak levels takes a toll on us vibrationally; impacting our personal performance, and the success of the businesses we’re building.

If you’d like to explore how your personal frequency is impacting your business, the org you’re running, or your performance at work these sessions focus on elevating your professional game by elevating your inner game.

$120/45 Minutes (audio only)

$150/60 Minutes (audio or video option)

For more about me visit my About page. Please note that in purchasing or participating in any services you agree to the Terms & Waiver. Appointments occur via Google Meet, Signal, FaceTime, or classic phone.

*For those located in countries where $100 USD is equivalent to 3,000+ in local currency (SE Asia, India, Philippines, Argentina, Indonesia etc.) I set aside three sessions per month where international clients can pay with gratitude. There is a selection process so please include some detail on what you’d like to work on in your initial email. Sessions happen in the EST time zone, and are conducted in English. Picture of international ID required.

For more on how pay with gratitude works scroll to the fourth section in my article on the vibration of money and abundance.